Drumming is fun!


Are you a beginner who wants to play a Drum? Or do you need guidance to pass a university audition? Are you a Professional Drummer who just wants to learn basic music reading notation or just want some new ideas to develop your Drumming? Do you just want a short Drum lesson or want to come every week?


We have helped students in all of these situations with an effective and fun method. We also shared ideas, practice materials, music transcripts and other things during the lesson.


Whichever is your choice, we will provide effective and interesting lessons.


Start your DRUM lessons now!


In our studio there are 2 sets of Drum which means the instructor and students have their own set of Drum. Not sharing. So that will be more efficient and will facilitate the process of learning.


There is a complete Drum set with the "Live Performance Setup” in the studio, which means that the Drum set already includes additional gears commonly used for "Live Performance" such as extra tom, splash cymbal, china cymbal, power crash cymbal, double pedal, Etc. Not the usual standard Drum set.


We use Drum products and hardware according to International standards.

Bali Rudiment

Drum Course Studio


We always start our first lesson with some discussion. Our instructor will ask students about their experiences, favorite music style and student goals on Drumming.


This conversation will help us create an exercise plan that will keep you moving toward your specific goals. We focus on goals, because we believe focus on one thing is a way to learn faster. That's why we are the specialist here. DRUM is our expertise.


Here are some of the things we will discuss during the lesson:


  • - Reading music notation (drums)
  • - Basic Notes 1⁄4, 1⁄8, 1/16 and Combination
  • - Triplets Notes and Combination
  • - Hand and Foot Technique
  • - Basic Beat Drums and Fills
  • - Double Pedal Grooves
  • - Odd Time Signature Grooves
  • - Linear Drumming
  • - Multi Genre Drumming
  • - Independence Drumming
  • - Ostinato and Polyrhythm
  • - and many more....


In addition to the above materials, we also prepare additional materials to help students grow into their potential as below:


  • - Develop musical phrasing.
  • - Get to know Metronome.
  • - Play with Drum Playalong.
  • - Learn the patterns of the world drummer.
  • - Develop a combination of legs and hands to perform Drum Fill or Drum Solo.
  • - Play by reading Music Transcript.
  • - Preparation for University Auditions.
  • - Drum Cover Recording Sessions.
  • - Annual Concert.
  • - Local and International Drum Competition.
  • - International Drum Certification Examination.
  • - And Homework at end of the lesson so that students will practice what they have learned in the studio.


We guarantee that our lesson will help you to learn faster. But it needs to be understood that we CANNOT force you to practice. If you didn’t practice, then you will not get a better results.


We have a policy if the cancellation is made within a minimum of 1 x 24 hours according to business hours (09.00 - 17.00), then we will replace the lesson.


However, we will not replace canceled lesson in less than 24 hours. No refund or change of schedule for canceled classes.


We also reserve the right to refuse to serve students who do not appear or cancel lessons in less than 24 hours.


Lessons will be customized with students according to our curriculum, supported by a wide selection of books and other materials, and comfortable studios.


Registration Fee


  • - Registration Fee Rp. 250.000


Junior Class


  • - Age between 3 - 6 years.
  • - Once per week, 30 minutes / lesson. A month total of 4x lessons.
  • - Rates Rp. 450.000 / month.


Junior International Class


  • - Age between 3 - 6 years.
  • - Once per week, 30 minutes / lesson. A month total of 4x lessons.
  • - Rates Rp. 550.000 / month.

English speaking Instructor


Regular Class


  • - Age above 7 years.
  • - Once per week, 60 minutes / lesson. A month total of 4x lessons.
  • - Rates Rp. 800.000 / month.


Special Kids Class


  • - All Ages.
  • - Once per week, 30 minutes / lesson. A month total of 4x lessons.
  • - Rates Rp. 800,000 / month.

Autism, ADHD, Anxiety


International Class


  • - All Ages.
  • - Once per week, 60 minutes / lesson. A month total of 4x lessons.
  • - Rates Rp. 1.000.000 / month.

English speaking Instructor


Masterclass Lesson


Master Studies, Group Studies, Rudimental Snare Solo, Solo Drums, Genre Studies, Ensemble Class, etc ....

Contact us for further information.


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"Urip Iku Urup" which means Life is On, Life should benefit others around us, the greater the benefits we can give the better.


Excerpts of this culture of thought is one of the many philosophies that serve as guidelines for life in the community in Indonesia. Therefore, we provide a year-long drum study scholarship program at Bali Rudiment Drum Course.


This free education scholarship is aimed at prospective students who are not economically able, yet have talent, and have a good personality.


Terms :


  • - Indonesian citizens.
  • - A letter of economic incompetence.
  • - Domiciled in Bali.
  • - Willing to do audition with us.
  • - Terms and Conditions apply.

Bali Rudiment

Drum Course Studio

Bali Rudiment

Drum Course Studio

Bali Rudiment

Drum Course Studio


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